2018 Year in Review

Written by Kelsey Frank on January 25, 2019

Making time to celebrate the big things (and the small things) is incredibly important. Not just to boost morale or commemorate a major milestone, but because it’s important to share the moment of success or passage with others, including those who helped make it happen or supported in their own way.

A Freebie for Trade Show and Event Managers

Written by Kelsey Frank on January 16, 2019

The number one tool for event and trade show managers is (drum roll please)… a Calendar !

What Does THE 2019 Color of the Year Mean for Exhibit Design?

Written by Tony Caccamo on January 3, 2019

If you hadn’t heard, Pantone announced their 2019 Color of the Year late December. Living Coral, an intense pink hue with a distinct golden undertone, and it is powerful.

As the authority on global color trends, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color each year they believe people will strongly respond to at that moment in time.

A Fond Farewell to the EDPA and a Bright New Beginning

Written by Donna Shultz on December 21, 2018

The Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) is widely recognized as the number one network for leaders in the customer experience industry.

Frankly, some used to refer to it as a bit of an old boys’ club — but, I can assure you it isn’t anymore.

Favorite Trade Show City Restaurants, Part 2

Written by Tony Caccamo on December 12, 2018

As our minds turn to the holiday season, we’ll admit we also start thinking a lot more about food. So this seemed like a good time to once again poll our staffers for their favorite spots to eat while on the road—and give you some new places to try while in some of the biggest trade show cities in the country.

You can check out the results of our first polling in favorite trade show city restaurants, part 1.

The Best Holiday Shopping Apps for Busy Trade Show Managers

Written by Tony Caccamo on November 21, 2018

Ready or not, the official holiday gift-buying season kicks off this Friday. If only your event schedule would slow down enough to give you the time to actually do the shopping!

Not to worry, MSM’s ExperiDigital® team of event technology experts have compiled their favorite apps to help even the busiest event managers slay their gift list this season.

Whether you’re working from the road, or in the midst of planning your next event, you can tackle your shopping list like the event professional you are with these apps.

Want to Do More for Your Customers? Listen Up!

Written by Tony Caccamo on November 6, 2018

If you’re in a service business like us, you’re well aware of the need to stay on top of customers’ evolving needs. After all, what more is a service than a solution to a customer’s challenge?  And as your industry evolves, as do your customers’ needs, how can you continue to grow with them? The answer is a relatively simple one. Listen.

We recently saw this done extremely well by the producers of NAB Show, a huge annual trade show focused on media, entertainment and technology. They had found themselves in a situation where repeated complaints had been received about the cost and unpredictability of exhibiting expenses. With the risk of a potential drop in exhibit sales, they decided that the best way to get to the bottom of it was to keep an open mind, dig in—and listen.

A Quick Guide for Helping Event Managers Sleep Better

Written by Tony Caccamo on October 24, 2018

Hurricane Michael storming across Florida a few weeks ago reminded us that the unexpected is always a possibility. And while hard to predict, having a back-up plan is of the utmost importance. In trade shows as in life, planning for the unexpected makes solving for the unforeseen that much easier.  

This applies not just to large occurrences like hurricanes, but smaller ones as well, like lost shipments —even if they don’t feel very small when they’re happening to you. If you have a plan in place and a great partner supporting you, any situation can be navigated to a positive end.

Busy season piling on the stress? There’s an app for that.

Written by Tony Caccamo on October 3, 2018

It’s that time of year again, when autumn arrives and reminds us that as far as “busy” goes, this time of year tops them all.  At least that’s the case for any of us involved in trade show planning.

During the heavy trade show season, we like to impart some wisdom in hopes of helping our fellow event professionals manage stress levels, stay productive and keep things in perspective. We’ve previously offered suggestions in other blogs, including exercise and diet, work-life balance and even the idea of subscribing to Life Hacks to get you through the day.

Think beyond the booth.

Written by Donna Shultz on September 19, 2018

Trade shows, as you know, are ideal venues where consumers can engage with brands in the face-to-face, experiential way that drives connections, loyalty and sales.

But in this increasingly fragmented, multichannel world, how do you take the power of direct contact with your brand and extend it to reach audiences in entirely new ways?


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