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2018 Year in Review

Making time to celebrate the big things (and the small things) is incredibly important. Not just to boost morale or commemorate a major milestone, but because it’s important to share the moment of success or passage with others, including those who helped make it happen or supported in their own way.

A celebration is an affirming message about who we value as partners in our achievements. We even wrote an entire blog on this topic you can read here

With that in mind, we thought it was important to look back on the year of our 25th anniversary and share some of our favorite moments—none of which would have been possible without our MSM Family, our partners, our friends and of course, our amazing customers! 

We hope you enjoy, and here’s to a wonderful 2019!




Wayfindings is written by people who love the event marketing business. Our goal is to share perspectives and insights we’ve gained over the 25+ years we've been in the business of events and trade shows with exhibit and event managers so they can find greater success with their programs. We hope you enjoy!

-The MSM Team