Want to Do More for Your Customers? Listen Up!

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Written by Tony Caccamo on November 6, 2018

If you’re in a service business like us, you’re well aware of the need to stay on top of customers’ evolving needs. After all, what more is a service than a solution to a customer’s challenge?  And as your industry evolves, as do your customers’ needs, how can you continue to grow with them? The answer is a relatively simple one. Listen.

We recently saw this done extremely well by the producers of NAB Show, a huge annual trade show focused on media, entertainment and technology. They had found themselves in a situation where repeated complaints had been received about the cost and unpredictability of exhibiting expenses. With the risk of a potential drop in exhibit sales, they decided that the best way to get to the bottom of it was to keep an open mind, dig in—and listen.

A Quick Guide for Helping Event Managers Sleep Better

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Written by Tony Caccamo on October 24, 2018

Hurricane Michael storming across Florida a few weeks ago reminded us that the unexpected is always a possibility. And while hard to predict, having a back-up plan is of the utmost importance. In trade shows as in life, planning for the unexpected makes solving for the unforeseen that much easier.  

This applies not just to large occurrences like hurricanes, but smaller ones as well, like lost shipments —even if they don’t feel very small when they’re happening to you. If you have a plan in place and a great partner supporting you, any situation can be navigated to a positive end.

Busy Season Piling On the Stress? There’s an App For That

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Written by Tony Caccamo on October 3, 2018

It’s that time of year again, when spring arrives and reminds us that as far as “busy” goes, this time of year tops them all.  At least that’s the case for any of us involved in trade show planning.

Think Beyond the Booth

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Written by Donna Shultz on September 19, 2018

Trade shows, as you know, are ideal venues where consumers can engage with brands in the face-to-face, experiential way that drives connections, loyalty and sales.

But in this increasingly fragmented, multichannel world, how do you take the power of direct contact with your brand and extend it to reach audiences in entirely new ways?

New Partnerships—What to Look for to Get Them Right

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Written by Tony Caccamo on August 29, 2018

Looking for a partner with a solid reputation isn’t just a good piece of advice—it’s essential— as is aligning organizational goals, objectives and values. And that goes for any industry you may be in.

So, how exactly do you go about finding such a match?

Surefire Ways to Come Together for a Good Cause

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Written by Tony Caccamo on August 2, 2018

When it comes to helping people in need, sitting down and writing a check is always a good idea. But when you can unite a team to support a cause, it can be even better. Bringing people together through a shared activity spreads good will and makes the act of giving more satisfying for everyone. In that spirit, we offer these guidelines for planning a charitable group activity:

The Top 5 Must-Haves for Planning an Event of Epic Proportions

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Written by Tony Caccamo on July 19, 2018

The bigger the event, the bigger the challenge. Ah, but the sweeter the victory. And so, following the successful outcome of our biggest show of the year, Cisco Live! 2018, we offer 5 must-haves that will help make your big events—and even your small ones—a guaranteed hit.

In Life, There's No Guarantees... or Are There?

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Written by Tony Caccamo on June 27, 2018

Cross your fingers. Knock on wood. Or better yet, the next time you buy something, make sure it’s got a guarantee. After all, with all the stuff in our lives—ultra-sonic jewelry cleaners, wine refrigerators, sound bars, soda-making machines, digital assistants and who knows what else—it seems like something’s bound to conk out or blow up any minute.

So it’s good to know that when it does, there’s a guarantee it’ll be fixed or replaced, free of charge. Peace of mind at last.

Trying to Get Through Your Busy Season? Try Life Hacks

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Written by Tony Caccamo on June 6, 2018

If you’re like most businesses, you probably have at least one crazy-busy time each year. We sure do. In fact, we’re smack-dab in the middle of it, with over fifty exhibits having shipped in just April and May alone, and forty more to come in June. So you can imagine, it’s one of those high-pressure, do-or-die times when a few words of advice can go a long way toward keeping us focused, refreshed and giving our usual 110%.

So it’s a no brainer why our account team loves the book Life Hacks by Keith Bradford. It’s a collection of, well, life hacks, a term coined in 2004 to describe the shortcuts IT professionals use and today means any trick or skill that increases productivity in all walks of life.

Reaching a Milestone? Don’t Forget to Throw a Party!

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Written by Tony Caccamo on May 18, 2018

Celebrations, even little ones, matter. They really do. Whether it’s a birthday, a new house, breaking 100 in golf, a promotion or whatever else seems fitting, drawing people we care about together for a festive moment is a ritual we might want to think about twice before skipping.