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Gatorade: End-to-End Customer Journey


Gatorade: End-to-End Customer Journey


Using RFID-equipped "G-Bands", attendees registered and checked in to different stations throughout the exhibit —unlocking personalized educational experiences that included touch interactive product comparisons, expert chats and 360° video tours of Gatorade partner organizations.

At the same time, our client obtained valuable data about their customers' interactions. In 2016, over 75% of the show's attendees checked in, spent an average of 31 minutes on the journey, with a 90% completion rate. And in 2017, over 144 hours of video content was consumed - six days of continuous viewing. 

This is just one example of the deep engagement we strive to deliver at every showLearn how you too can uplevel your exhibit program with a customer journey that delivers.  Learn More

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