Experience Designers

Award-winning experience design is at the heart of everything we do at MSM. Because in the end,
it’s the quality of the experience that your attendees have that leads directly to your success.


Experiences that Inspire, Educate and Wow

Our experience designers specialize in creating interactive trade show and event environments that resonate powerfully with your customers. And they deliver a beautiful, eye-catching look and feel that perfectly showcases your brand.


What's Our Secret?

Creating a powerful customer trade show or event experience is based upon understanding the needs of the customer. That's why we start every project with our Customer Experience Brief, a series of smart questions that create a living portrait of your prospects.


Crafting the Customer Experience

Once we truly understand your customer, our experience designers go to work creating a journey especially for them. That’s how brand connections get made, minds get changed—and you achieve the ROI you’re hoping for with your trade show or event.


From kickoff meeting to showfloor, MSM follows a time-tested, four-step process that ensures
your project moves quickly and flawlessly toward providing a stunning customer experience.

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