Interactive Customer Engagement



Take customer engagement to the next level with ExperiTech™ by MSM. Our proprietary service integrates the latest technologies with your event or exhibit environment to create a customized interactive customer experience.




Looking to bring your customer engagement to the next level?

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Better Customer Experiences

ExperiDigital™ is the process, strategy and technology deployed by MSM to generate custom interactive customer engagements. 
Your event 
attendees will experience the wow that only comes from engaging with content that is personalized
for them.


Better Data and ROI

ExperiTrend™ is the MSM service that captures and analyzes all of the data generated by your attendees as they interact with your technology. 

By scoring and compiling these interactions, you'll quickly discover who is interested in what and exactly to what degree. So you can better qualify prospects, dramatically improve your CRM—and track your exhibit ROI with unheard-of precision.




On-the-fly Enhancements

ExperiView™ is MSM’s exclusive client portal that provides a view to your engagement data onsite and in realtime. So you can tweak messaging, rotate products and enhance offers all while the experience is in progress. No need to wait until your next event to put your learnings into action!